I am a restless designer in pursuit of crafting the simplest and most effective experiences that address user needs and achieve business goals. Whether it’s the built environment or the digital realm, I am obsessed with thinking of every experience holistically and making it as simple and intuitive as possible.

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bhushan mondkar


“Bhushan can hit the ground running and can excel in a team where he is empowered to wear many hats and help define a product. On a personal level, Bhushan is a very down-to-earth, eager to learn and has a nice way about him.”
Ryan Snelson, Cofounder and Director of UX at Fusar, UXD Instructor at General Assembly
“His projects are uniformly original and produced with incredible verve. An indefatigable worker, Bhushan, moved by his rich imagination, redesigned his work repeatedly and was able to produces in a semester what a typical student might achieve in three!”
Michael Sorkin, Urbanist, Author and Director of Urban Design Program at City College of New York
“Bhushan is a serious, highly intelligent, hard working designer. All the projects he has worked on have demanded an impressive amount of work, a high level of skill and team involvement. At all times, he was focused, helpful and professional.”
Daniel Libeskind, Studio Daniel Libeskind